Marchwind News

I am pleased to announce that Marchwind Dream Baby Dream ("Ozzie") finished his championship under Judge Michael Buckley at the Monticello Kennel Club Show in Newburgh, NY (March 13, 2016). Ozzie's parents are CH Whindancer Come Back to Me on the Smile "Lionel" and CH Whindancer's Shed a Little Light "Sophie."

Welcome to Marchwind Wheatens!

Our first wheaten terrier came home in 1995.  Scarlett was a delightful and affectionate companion and a wonderful first dog for my husband who had never lived with a dog and our 8-year-old daughter.  Wheatens love to jump and they love to be with their families;  we learned these facts all too quickly on the day she came home.  We placed her in a gated room, turned around, walked away, and discovered that she had jumped the baby gate and was looking up at us as if to say "Hey, wait for me!" 

Years later  Sophie joined our family.    As fate would have it, when we picked up our new puppy we learned that she had been born the same day that Scarlett left us in March 2007.  My kennel name recognizes the significance of the month of March in our "wheaten history." 

While I never planned to show my little girl in the ring myself, I quickly became hooked and rarely missed my Thursday night handling class.  (Of course most of my friends knew only that I had a class on Thursday nights, not that I actually played with dogs at my class).  I finished Sophie's championship in August 2010--on Scarlett's birthday as it turned out.  It was a very satisfying accomplishment!

I am a member of the Genesee Valley Kennel Club and the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America.  I support their code of ethics and am committed to breeding dogs who have been thoroughly evaluated for sound health and temperament.  I cannot imagine embarking on this incredible adventure without the enthusiastic and patient guidance and support of a very special breeder, and friend, Susan Ratliffe (Whindancer Wheatens).  And thanks, also, to Susie for giving me permission to include some of her lovely dogs on this website.

Bringing a puppy into your home is a lifetime commitment.  If you are considering a soft coated wheaten terrier, I encourage you to buy only from a reputable breeder.  Visit the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America website for more information.

.....dogs laugh with their tails...